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The Toyota Cheetah Academy is now known as:

Toyota Cheetahs Institute of Excellence


The Toyota Cheetahs Institute of Excellence was established in January 2015. 

Since its inception, we have seen no less than 31 Institute players receive contracts for the Toyota Cheetahs senior rugby team. 

The Toyota Cheetahs Institute was established as a development of the players. 

During the player’s years at the Institute, they are introduced to the Cheetahs’ style of play, coaching philosophies as well as the culture of the Cheetahs, essentially assisting them in their transition from the junior ranks to the senior rugby. 

Specialized coaches from the senior team are employed within academy structures to ensure consistency and continuity throughout all the Cheetah teams.  This assists the players in their transition into senior rugby. 

Another reason for the success of the Institute, is the high coach-to-player ratio of 5 coaches, equating to 1 coach to every 10 players. 


A very big emphasis is put on the holistic development of players. 

It is for this reason that a student will be developed both as a rugby athlete as well as for a career after rugby.  Toyota Cheetahs Institute of Excellence is operated and managed by UXI Sport Institute.  

Unique pathways will be created to ensure the employability of rugby athletes, such as:

  • Coaching
  • Data and Game Analysis
  • Referee
  • Club management and administration
  • Event Management 



Boksmart education

World Rugby Coaching education

Referee education and introduction

Media education (Communication)

Coding and analysing the game

Exposure to the Cheetah way of play introduced by top coaches and senior players

Developing position specific skills

Introduce, install and develop good habits and skills in defence, attack, breakdowns, contact situation and conditioning

Strength and Conditioning in line with Toyota Free State Cheetahs

High-Performance Programme

Nutritional, dietary, supplementation education and implementation

Medical and physiotherapy support


The programme is aimed at the development of the player on and off the field.  The strength and conditioning program is developed and powerful.  Strength and Conditioning are also position-specific and relevant to each position.

The Cheetah way of play is implementation from junior rugby and the transition into senior rugby is a smooth process.  The on-field language and habit on the field are installed at a junior level.


The players will be eligible for the Toyota Free State u.21 side and we have standing agreements with our neighbour Unions, the Griquas and Griffons where they can play in the u.20 Currie Cup for the respective teams. 

The players will also play in the Cheetah u.19 competition held in the first part of the year between several clubs and schools.

The players will also be eligible for Toyota Free State u.19 team that takes part in the National u.19 Tournament. 


To make the best of the Toyota Cheetah Institute of Excellence experience, it is recommended that the students make use of the housing facilities made available.

A separate application form for accommodation, quotations and lease agreements from FFT Blok B are available and can be accessed by email:  johan@lutoria.co.za 


Formal and Informal dances

Team building

Interaction with senior Toyota Cheetah players and coaches

Design a jersey

TEL:  051 407 1750  

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